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You’re feeling pain – something sharp or dull; acute or chronic. Maybe it keeps you up at night, or it stops you from doing the things you used to love to do. Maybe you’ve seen multiple healthcare providers, had various tests that show possible tissue damage, perhaps even had surgery or a joint replacement, but your pain persists. Chances are you have developed Myofascial Trigger Points (TrP), a remarkably common, overlooked cause of acute and chronic pain. If so, the solution is rather simple, a treatment technique developed by Dr. Mahooti called Therapeutic Needling that incorporates the benefits of Dry Needling, Trigger Point Injection, and Acupuncture.

Myofascial Pain Relief

Myofascial pain is experienced by essentially everyone  at some point in their life. As you use a muscle, it contracts and relaxes thousands of times a day. Myofascial pain is a condition whereby muscle fibers, known as myofibrils, contract and form hyperirritable “knots” known as a Myofascial Trigger Points. Almost everyone has experienced “knots” in the neck and upper back, but you’ve probably also noticed knots in other parts of your body — shoulder, arms, back and legs. Trigger Points can occur anywhere in the body. They cause a variety of symptoms that frustrate the patient and the healthcare provider. The pain and tightness they cause can be mild and intermittent, or severe and excruciating, leading sufferers to visit the emergency department or other healthcare providers.


Minimally Invasive and Comprehensive Approach

Dr. Mahooti is a medical doctor trained at traditional institutions in the United States, but his approach to care is entirely non-surgical. He listens to the story of how your pain began, performs a detailed physical exam, and then discusses the spectrum of non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment options available to you. He uses Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for diagnostic and needle-guidance purposes. He has the capacity to perform a wide variety of minimally invasive interventions including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), cortisone, tenotomies, and nerve hydrodissections, among others.

He will answer all your questions and guide you through the process step-by-step. Imaging studies may sometimes be helpful to determine the cause of pain or dysfunction, and he will order them as necessary. Dr. Mahooti’s in-depth understanding of related anatomy, physiology, and orthopedic sports medicine allow him to develop a customized, comprehensive care plan for his patients.

If you have been to numerous healthcare providers and no one can figure out what’s causing your pain, call Dr. Mahooti.

Therapeutic Lifestyle and Wellness Program

Dr. Mahooti wants to do more than just eliminate your orthopedic pain – he wants to help you transform your health. His unique Therapeutic Lifestyle and Wellness program addresses the root cause of myriad health problems such as obesity, diabetes and other dietary metabolic diseases. Participants in Dr. Mahooti’s program consistently report resolution of chronic joint aches and pains, remarkable weight loss, increased energy, reversal of chronic metabolic diseases, decrease in medications, and improved lab results

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