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People need to know that this is available


I’ve had my knee operated on four times. The knee pain that I had would have led to a fifth surgery because the pain was continuous. I hadn’t sustained any trauma, but for over eight months I was in pain. My orthopedic surgeon wanted me to rest for four weeks, and if I still had pain he would recommend surgery. But in one appointment with Navid he diagnosed my problem and administered trigger point injections that eliminated the pain instantly. People need to know that this is available. I never knew that this treatment existed, and knowing what I know now, I would have gotten it sooner. I love letting people know that this is an option instead of going right into surgery.


The pain has never returned

I developed right shoulder pain after the birth of our fourth child.  I don’t remember a specific injury, but the pain was irritating and sometimes severe.  As I was trying to get back into shape, I was frustrated that push-ups were excruciating, so I just stopped doing them. I stopped lifting anything heavy with my right arm (my dominant side) and sometimes couldn’t sleep on the right side due to pain.  I assumed the pain would go away, but it didn’t…not for months and then years.

 Finally, one evening, my husband and Dr. Mahooti persuaded me to try it.  The procedure itself did not bother me at all.  Afterwards, the area was sore and slowly over the next few days improved.  I received the treatment six months ago and the pain has never returned.  I’ve returned to doing push-ups, have played tennis and even raked leaves for endless hours without the pain. Frankly, I was foolish for having gone more than three years with pain that was so easily treated and managed.  I’m grateful to Dr. Mahooti for his persistent encouragement and for offering a beneficial treatment for my pain.  Two minutes of treatment ended three years of shoulder pain. 



I thought I was done for the season


I was playing a baseball game and as I was running around first base, I felt my thigh seize up, like a pulled muscle. I thought I was done for the season. I knew about Dr. Mahooti’s needling treatment and thought maybe it could be treated with a needle. I went into his office and he did the procedure. Right after he did it, I felt normal again. When I got out of his office, I started doing sprints in the parking lot to test it out, and I was able to do that. Instead of the season being over for me, I was able to continue to play. We think we know what is going on with our bodies; I think we tend to think we know more than we do. People are not as aware of this procedure as they should be. The trigger point treatment can release the muscle, and you might be able to recover much more quickly than you think. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t tried the treatment myself.



It worked wonders for me

I did some icing and massaging, but for months I was in pain. I kept using my elbow a lot. My car is a manual, so my arm is going back and forth constantly. And I wanted to stay fit and healthy, so I was using the rowing machine for my workout. 5-6 months after the injury, I was standing at my desk and I felt like I couldn’t even work anymore. The pain was so aggravating and distracting. I talked to Dr. Mahooti about it after a referral from my doctor and he proceeded with the treatment for about 3 minutes. It was sore, but it started to get better and now it’s 95% better. I no longer feel the pain. 


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